Loose Cover

Loose Cover Sofas

Loose cover sofas are often the choice for many family decisions when buying furniture. Reason being is the simple fact that they are practical for family life and may undergo heavy use or accidents by children such as drink spills and stains. Loose cover sofas are ideal as they can be kept clean easily by simply removing the covers and placing them in the washing machine or hand washing them.

Loose cover sofas come in a variety of styles and colours with different fabrics and are available to those with small budgets right through to large budgets. Often they have been compared to fixed cover sofas and in some cases mistaken; due to the similar style and upholstery. However, because they can be easily maintained and have a long life-span; they are becomming increasingly popular in todays busy modern lifestyle.

A loose sofa cover can make a massive difference to your home and make your furniture look like new, so there really is no need for the unnecessary expense of a new sofa suite every time there is an accident or ageing. Experience the relaxation of shopping online for your loose cover sofa. Feel free to shop for your sofa by browsing our on-line catalogue and if you have any questions just drop us an email and a friendly member of our team will get back to you.

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