Leather Sofas

Sofas come in all different types and sizes, and narrowing down the selection can seem like a mammoth task.  Because we usually only ever buy a small selection of sofas across a lifetime, it’s uncommon for consumers to be in the know about sofa types and styles, although it’s not unusual for buyers to already have a rough idea of the appearance of their dream sofa before they head off to do their homework. 

Contemporary Leather Sofas

Traditional Leather Sofas

Fixed Cover Sofas

Loose Cover Sofas

Different Styles of Leather Sofa

Chances are you may be looking for a particular style of leather sofa, of which there are many notable classifications currently in vogue that may be more or less suited to your needs.  Whether you’re looking for a flexible seating arrangement to meet the practicalities of family life, or you’re searching for the perfect luxury sofa, the range of choice afforded by the sheer diversity of the sofa market makes it easy to find a leather sofa to fit your needs.

Modular Leather Sofas

Modular leather sofas represent the perfect cross between style and functionality, allowing you to change your sofa layout and arrangement as the situation demands.  Modular sofas, as the name would imply, are built using component modules which attach in various different configurations to give you access to a multitude of different arrangements, allowing you to expand and compress seating as your space allows.  That means that a modular sofa is equally applicable to any seating situation, whether with friends or family, although naturally they tend to cost a little more than regular style two and three-seater sofas as a result of their modular construction.

Corner Sofa

Corner sofas have gone through something of a boom in recent years, rising to become one of the most popular aspirational sofa types. Created in an ‘L’ shape, corner sofas can also be modular, although tend to be fixed, and are often used in place of two separate sofas to provide a comfortable seating arrangement around a corner or living area.  Corner sofas, or sectional sofas as they’re also known, are both stylish and practical, and particularly suitable for small spaces where two separate sofas would be impractical or impossible.

Leather Loveseat

By far the most common style of sofa purchased worldwide is the loveseat.  Leather loveseat sofas comprise of a simple two-seater arrangement, and are close to what we think of as a generic sofa.  Loveseats themselves come in a range of different sizes and styles, and can be used as a backup for additional seating or as part of a 3-piece furniture suite.  Strictly speaking, loveseats are distinct from regular sofas insofar as they have exclusively two rather than three seats, although in terms of appearance and style they tend to broadly tie in with trends in the wider leather sofa market.

Choosing a leather sofa doesn’t have to be a difficult process, and provided you have a working knowledge of the main styles on offer and the kind of sofa you’re looking to buy, it should be possible to identify a cross-section of sofa types most suited to your needs to help make the buying decision that much easier.

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