Caring For A Leather Sofa

Caring for a Leather SofaLeather sofas can make a big difference to the look and feel of any home, and are an investment that will stand you in good stead for years to come – no matter the changes in interior fashion and trends. Because sofas tend to be rather large, expensive purchases, it pays to make sure you are caring appropriately for your leather sofa, in order to prolong its useful lifespan, and to keep it looking at its best for longer. Fortunately, there are a few simple strategies for caring for your leather sofa that you can employ to ensure your sofa stays in tip-top condition.

The first and most important tip in caring for your leather sofa is to avoid eating, drinking and smoking as far as possible in the immediate vicinity. In addition to spillages, stains and undesirable smells, smoking around your sofa in particular paves the way for the possibility of cigarette burns, notoriously difficult to repair seamlessly with leather. In order to keep your sofa looking its best for longest, avoid these aging behaviours which will only serve to damage the appearance and hamper the wellbeing of your beloved leather chair.

You should also take care to avoid using any sharp objects near your sofa, and you should always be aware of what’s in your pockets in order to avoid inadvertently piercing the leather. Because leather is generally reasonably thin, especially when pulled taught as in the case of upholstery, sharp objects can do an untold level of damage without you even realizing it, and the methods for repairing leather are such that it would be difficult to achieve a repair with no noticeable aesthetic difference. Check your pockets are free of all keys, pens, pins and like items before throwing yourself onto your sofa, in order to give it the best chance of long-term survival.

In addition to measures to prevent damaging your sofa, there are also a number of techniques to maintain and improve the condition of your sofa on a preventative, proactive basis. Wipe your sofa down with a moist cloth or towel on a semi regular basis to remove any dirt, stains or dust, taking care not to soak the leather with too much water. For a deeper clean, add a few caps of leather cleaning fluid, which is specifically designed to maintain and reinvigorate leather to restore your sofa to its former glory. This regular cleaning process, combined with actively taking steps to avoid damaging the leather will help maintain your sofa for as long as possible, leaving you free to make the most of your new purchase.

Caring for your leather sofa isn’t rocket science. It’s simply a case of taking a few small steps to ensure your sofa is looked after, to help extend its life and keep your furniture looking at its best. By remembering these few key points for maintaining your sofa, and sticking to a basic weekly wipe-down regime, you can avoid the worst build ups and stains while ensuring the quality and integrity of the upholstery remains at its best.

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